My journals

You and I can touch the sky!

Mother – Daughter Relationship Journal
An interactive and engaging journal created with an idea to forge and deepen that special bond between mother and daughter and guide the reader through transformative life strategies. This unique chronicle of memories will strengthen your relationship.

You rock my world

Couple Journal
A space for any couple to grow their relationship and to get to know each other better. This Journal gives every couple an amazing opportunity to tell their own love story – to describe feelings, dreams, share sweet or sour memories and silly thoughts.

It hurts

100 steps to help you heal after a loss
I created this journal to be your support, your air, your pillow to scream emotions into. Those little steps will help you to overcome your painful loss and find the way to cherish the days you both had. You’ll find strength and see life worth living again.

Why Clients choose LFC Institute?

I don’t teach abstract theory. I teach usable & practical skills

My sessions are easy to digest and focused on defined needs

I provide highly effective trainings tailor-made for you or your organization necessity

I build stronger and more focused teams which get better results

I simply make coaching easy!

Why Coaches choose LFC Institute?

My courses are innovative, powerful & unforgettable

My international experience gives you a broad view on coaching from a global perspective

I give you tools you can implement to your business immediately

My certification programs do not only train, they do transform!










Rave Reviews

After Justyna’s parenting workshops I realized I have to stop focusing on becoming a better person. I just need to be me and give my kids the best of me I already have. Thank you Justyna for this unforgettable experience. That was a real blessing for me and my wife.

Daniel Lewandowski

Justyna helped me to understand and discover myself. She taught me how to be a woman I always wanted to become. Her dedication is simply amazing! I knew she is an experienced and skilled coach but she is just so empathic and warm person.

Karolina Ozog
Stay Home Mom of 4 boys

Amazing knowledge, experience and performance as a coach. Her workshops were completely full and the project was a one big success. I recommend Justyna as a high quality and skilled life coach. She is just an incredible coach and her positive attitude affects everybody.

Malgorzata Lewandowska

We are all full of admiration for the spirited and professional lessons Justyna provided to our students as a coach. Her responsible approach in every area of our cooperation is highly appreciated! Her skills, qualifications and experience are extraordinary.

Bozena Zglinska
General Director

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